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Dejan Cancarevic from reviews the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Simple things that you may not always think about, but that can dramatically improve your ranking and positioning in major crawlers.

Learn SEO Basics

» Learn SEO Basics at

Prefiltering is a good thing. Having expert people crawling the web and indexing its best resources so you just have to browse through the summaries is a key benefit, no doubt about it. The guys at Fonts 500 have done a terrific job: they surfed an insane number of free fonts repositories, sorted the best available fonts on the overall number of downloads, and then compiled all the results in a slick, crisp interface, making all those packages available at your fingertips. Isn't that great ?

Fonts 500

» Fonts 500: The 500 best free fonts on the web

Web development is a strange animal: it grows faster than anything else, obliging designers and developers to keep themselves constantly up-to-date, much more than in other field. Stay a couple of months without reading about new tools and tehcniques, and you're history. At The Art Company, we keep an eye on the recent developments and collect new ideas and methods for our readers. We've choosen for you 20 CSS techniques, tips and tricks that you may find handy.


The JS Framework scene today is heavily dominated by three major players: Mootools, Prototype and JQuery (I'm not discussing Rails here). So when a rookie enters the game, it certainly deserves a closer look! Welcome Spry from Adobe Labs!


Every developer in the world knows that a picture is worth a thousand word, that's why they use icons to represent common actions, notification of important concepts, and also to illustrate their applications -- online or not. So we all agree that icons are essential. However we also agree that having beautiful icons is a definitive advantage since it can be used to attract the user's attention where we need it.


Every website includes a certain part of interaction with the visitor, most often through forms people have to fill in in order to get more info, ask for a quote, get in touch, leave a comment, etc. Designing a form is certainly not what web designers like best. In fact, if you're like me, you should rather hate this step. Whatever I try, my hand-coded forms always looked ugly and amateurish. Until one day, I found this lovely little tool that designs perfect forms: Appnitro's pForm.


One of the most valuable resource for design professionals is typography. However, as a major disadvantage, not only are packages extremely expensive, but also fonts collections are most of the time badly organized, with poor navigation and cluttered previews.

Well, that was the past.


We all love vector art, but we might not all master the essentials of vector drawing. In order to unleash the creative beast in us, n-Design Studios, a well-known player in the web industry, has released several free, step-by-step Adobe Illustrator tutorials. Make sure you take a look at these, you'll be amazed how easy certain things can be after all...

n-Design Studios Illustrator Tutorials

» n-Design Studios Illustrator Tutorials

Now that the company is on track and that we have more work we could ever hope, it's time we give back to the community. So, we've decided to start this little blog.

What will you find in there?

Mainly links to free resources, free fonts, free vector and bitmap graphics, free audio clips, free software... Lots of things, but mostly free. From time to time, we may also review more developer-focused material, such as javascript framework extentions, coding techniques, CSS/JS tips, etc...

How often will this be updated?

Ok, we know the question... To be honest, we can't guarantee a 100% daily update. However, we'll do our best to make sure this blog flows and that new and fresh content regularly flies in.

OK, that's all for now, folks. I leave you with the first articles.

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