Dewplayer is a very small (4Kb) Flash-powered MP3 player, which is also very easy to implement on your pages: download the .swf, upload it on your server, specify the location of the MP3 file or the playlist to read, and you're done.

Dewplayer comes in 3 flavours; each version differs from the others in the number of controls that are provided to the user.

  • the mini version offers play, stop and seek
  • the normal version adds the pause function
  • the multi version adds previous and next buttons

Below, you can see GIF animations showing respectivelyt the normal and the multi versions:

Dewplayer is developped by the french company Alsacréations, and its dedicated page features an online wizard that will generate the code you need to get the player working.

So it's tiny, it's nice and it's working. What to ask more ? Oh, yes: it's free, and released under the Creative Commons licence.

» Dewplayer (documentation, download and code wizard)