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Lightboxes have become a very popular way to display linked content in today's websites. So popular that every day sees the birth of a new version. So how can you find the one that best suits your needs? We found the perfect tool: the The Lightbox Clones Matrix, a “comparison of various scripts that display images and other objects in somehow cool CSS popups”. And it'll allow you to filter the matrix by features and javascript framework, too.

» The Lightbox Clones Matrix

Today we found an interesting collection of jQuery plugins, which all have in common to be very small in size (tipycally, less than 10kB). And that collection includes most of the extensions you may need for you day-to-day development: tooltips, advanced textarea, context menu, web portal, and more.

» 10 lightweight jQuery plugins

Rounded corners have become one of the essential design components of modern web design. There are numerous ways to implement them in your pages; pure HTML/CSS, proprietary javascript, or using standard frameworks like jQuery. That's the approach we have chosen, since it'll be very difficult to overcome the simplicity of this solution.


Holidays are over, and it's time to get back to serious things. After a 10-weeks blog break and lots of things done on the business side, we resume our daily investigations for the best free resources on the web. And today we start with JQuery.


When it comes to design of modern web-applications, Ajax is considered as a standard approach. Interactive solutions for lightboxes, form validation, navigation, search, tooltips and tables are developed using Ajax libraries and nifty Ajax scripts. Ajax is useful and powerful. However, when using Ajax, one should keep in mind its drawbacks in terms of usability and accessibility. With an extensive use of Ajax, you can easily confuse your visitors offering too much control and too many features.


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